Art of Percy Katt

When Percy Katt left his small-town home at 17, the dream of being a fashion model for runway and print was enough. But once he dipped his toe into the pool of glamour and fantasy, he created a big glittery monster of outrageous self-expression. Katt is one of a growing group of artist creators and collaborators, including Mathu Anderson, Ian MacKinnon ,and all those bad boys and girls on RuPaul's Drag Race, who take transformation and performance to a new level. Katt plays with gender as a futurist as well as a historian, and also pokes at the culture and politics of narcissism by shooting past boundaries of "good taste." Transformation becomes transmogrification. Some recent highlights from Katt's tumultuous career include appearances on Logo's documentary I'm a Stripper and W Network's Who Lives Here?, publishing an art book titled Kkunt, and lecturing at the University of Toronto on his video Other and the pornification of pop culture. In addition to his solo ventures, Katt has joined forces with his muse Obskyura to form a new creative collective, Kkunt Factory. Together they create provocative multimedia that continues to titillate, inspire, and offend.